The 2012 Peace Tournament inspired hope and motivated the community. Since September 12, 2012, there have been zero reported shootings between the participants in the tournament. This is an extraordinary testament to the power of basketball as a way to promote peace, build relationships and create brotherhood. 

The Peacemaker Basketball League at St. Sabina also was born from the success of the 2012 Peace Tournament. The impact of the event resonated throughout the south side Chicago community, and inspired young men from the neighborhood to approach Fr. Pfleger about hosting peace games on a regular basis.

The Peacemaker Basketball League currently is run three times per year, featuring two 12-week sessions and one 6-week session. The leagues are held on Monday evenings, with the first hour of the night spent having the player eat dinner together and participate in mentoring sessions. GED classes are also made available to the players, as well as internship placement for those looking for work. Since the inception in January 2013, 130 people have participated in the GED program and more than 160 young men have found employment. Over the past year, the Peacemakers Basketball League has grown to include eight teams – and there is interest in including even more moving forward.

On Saturday September 21st, 2013 the Peace Tournament returned to Saint Sabina with four new teams coming together in peace.

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